Casa Madeira

The grape juices, jellies and balsamic sauces of Casa Madeira are grown in the Vale dos Vinhedos, also known as Brazilian wine country. It was here that Italian immigrants first settled in the late 1800s to plant their vineyards, wheat and corn. The origins of Casa Madeira – which translates to ‘wooden house’ – date back to a stone cellar and wooden cottage built by its founder in 1926. Their juice is 100% grape juice (Isabel and Bordeaux varietals), and not made from concentrate. Casa Madeira grape juice is brimful with antioxidants and free from preservatives, sugar or other additives.

Casa Madeira Grape Juice 250ml
Casa Madeira 100% Grape Juice 250ml
Casa Madeira grape juice 1L
Casa Madeira 100% Grape Juice 1L