Food journeys in the spirit of the Vikings.


Viking Imports was founded in Sydney back in 1984 by a couple of homesick Swedes. They dug deep into their supplier networks, to recapture the distinctive flavours of home.

Their business sold in 1993 to Darko and Lola Markovic, who grew Viking Imports to the size and eminence it has today. They introduced new products, grew the customer base, overhauled packaging and promotions, and expanded the distribution operations.

Now helmed by the next generation, Managing Director Ivan Markovic, Viking has grown its product lineup and supplier base, and adopted an increasingly health-conscious mindset. Sourcing clean, nutrition-rich foods has become a mission, because the world and our customers need them.

And just like the Vikings of old, we’ll explore every corner of the earth to bring them to you.

Customer promise

Whether you’re a retail partner or just a hungry home cook, looking for daring, healthy meal ideas, here’s what you can expect with every Viking Imports product.

  • Epicurean quality– impeccable ingredients, hand-selected from top suppliers.
  • Generous servings– we’re obsessed with sharing good food, and that’s reflected in our great value price-points.
  • Ethical standards– from transparent supply networks to our high standards in food safety, quality control or waste reduction, we take pride in doing the right thing.
  • Always curious– we’re happiest knowing that our foods take your senses on a wild journey of flavour discovery.
  • Tribe-minded– just like our Viking heroes, we’re fiercely loyal to our whole extended family – customers, staff and retail partners alike.


We’re proud of having shaped a workforce that’s committed to the Viking way. Many of our drivers, packers and admin staff have been with us for decades, and all are firm believers in the products we procure. Below are some of our front-of-house team members.

Managing Director

Ivan Markovic

Ivan grew up around the packing crates, exotic accents and fine foods of Viking Imports in its early days, so it was only a matter of time before he would join the business. Ever ambitious, he began his tenure in the store room, working across various divisions before formally buying into the business in 2020. Ivan’s vision is to uphold the legacy of Viking, while continuing to grow global customer demand for its distinctive and wellness-centric foods.